March 17th, 2018

Stillwater × Oklahoma


Welcome Home

These roads have a depth of history, and a soul. They are unique, unforgiving, ever-changing, but always red. On April 22, 1889, cannon-fire signaled the beginning of the first Land Run in Stillwater, OK, the home and start/finish line of the Land Run 100. At the heart of this event are some of the most rugged and daunting, beautiful and memorable roads in the Oklahoma country. They take on a personality of their own. But they are also marked by the people who travel far and work hard to ride them. Making yourself a part of these roads makes them a part of you.



120 W 7th
Stillwater, Oklahoma


2018 registration opens saturday oct 28th @ 8am central standard time




Land Run 100 event cap:

1000 - 100 mile

250 - 50 mile

150 - 50k Ultramarathon Run

25 - Land Run DOUBLE