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In May 2023, the domain was acquired by the website

Back Biker’s goal is simple, to become one of the leading cycling websites. By providing guides, tips, and tricks, the site helps riders, whether they are beginners, intermediate, or experienced.

With the acquisition of, Back Biker expands its scope. Thanks to this domain, new users will be able to be reached by its content, allowing the brand to grow and expand, but also to produce content that will impact more people.

About the Land Run 100 was the domain name of the official LandRun100 race website.

The Land Run 100 was a cycling event held in Stillwater, Oklahoma. Originally, it was a 100-mile gravel race on the red clay trails of the area. Each year, many enthusiasts join the edition and participate in this race that grows more and more.

Known for the challenge it represents, the race has in its first editions only 40% of finishers. In addition to the long distance, the competitors are challenged by the elements, the weather being a particularly important factor since the rain makes the ground almost impracticable.

In 2020, the race changed its name from “Land Run 100” to “The Mid South“.

About Back Biker

BackBiker is a cycling website that started in November 2021. It was created by two friends, Camille and Lucas.

Camille is an engineer and Lucas is a bike mechanic, independent in his bike shop. Both of them decided to start the adventure of a website for enthusiasts, by enthusiasts.

The objective is to cover the maximum of bike-related topics and to answer the questions that everyone may have during his cycling life. By providing guides, advice, and tips, Back Biker aims to become a reference in its field by helping all cyclists make the right choices.