Rules and Frequently asked Questions

Rule #1

Don't be lame.

Rule #2

No support crews allowed on course.

Support crews are not allowed on course except to pick up a rider who is abandoning the event. If a support crew is found to be on course (except at official checkpoints), that rider will be immediately disqualified from the event.

Question #1

Can I use a GPS?

Yes. Do not cut the course. That makes you lame. Routes will be provided on Monday March 6th, 2017.

Question #2

Can I transfer my entry and get a refund?

Yes. Send an email to and we will take care of everything for you.

Question #3

I love beer, will there be beer at LR100?

Absolutely. Friday night at the rider’s meeting Iron Monk Brewery will have a beer garden opening at 3pm on 7th Ave in front of District Bicycles. They will have multiple brews on tap and in cans available including the brand new Land Run 100 Pale Ale. We could not be more stoked to have this amazing partnership with Iron Monk.

Question #4


District Bicycles has 2 showers open and available for all rider’s to use after they finish the race. District is located on the street as the start/finish line. You can also swing back by your hotel to shower. Or you can just hang out in your chamois and drink beer with us downtown. Totally your call.

Question #5

I do not have a support crew. What are my options?

We have offered a drop bag service every year of LR100 and we are proud of it. We will include with your rider packet a number plate that corresponds with your rider number plate that attaches to your bike. Attach this to your drop bag. Bring your drop bag to the start line EARLY, no later than 7:30am, and we will load it into a truck and take it to the halfway point for you. When you roll into the halfway point we will direct you in the direction of your drop bag for you to switch out gear, food, water etc. We will then make sure that your bag makes it safely back to Stillwater to the finish line at District Bicycles. We will have 2 set scheduled times for drop bags to return to the finish. Those times to be posted soon and also talked about at the Rider’s meeting on Friday March 10th, 2017.

Question #6

What is DNF?

Did Not Finish.

Question #7

Will the course be marked?

Yes. The 100 mile and 50 mile course are both fully marked with stakes at every turn and questionable intersections. Full GPS maps will be available to download for both courses on Monday March 6th, 2017

Question #8

Drop Bags?

One thing that Land Run offers that other gravel rides don’t is a drop bag service. Bring your bag to the start line and we’ll make sure it’s at the half way point for you and we’ll even make sure it’s waiting on you at the finish line. Put any and everything you think you might need to get you from the halfway point of roughly 55 miles to the finish line another 50 miles or so away.

Question #9

Do I need a support crew?

No. We have the drop bag service mentioned above, and there are gas stations available in the halfway point town. The local Jeep club will be on hand during race day to monitor course conditions and on call available to make emergency pickups if needed. A phone number will published and communicated before the race to contact the Jeep club for pick up calls to be made. Only call if necessary. As always, call 911 in case of a medical or severe emergency.

Question #10

When is the Rider’s Meeting/Registration Packet Pickup?

Friday March 10, 2017 will be an evening to remember. We see the rider’s meeting as a chance for everyone to actually see each other, have great conversations,  and have an amazing night of community. Plan on coming early on Friday for our event expo with our sponsors, Land Run Pale Ale from Iron Monk Brewery, live music with Matt Pryor, and a group ride at 3pm.

Question #11

If I bring my someone along will they have anything to do?

Downtown Stillwater has grown and is continuing to get better and better every day. We have great food, great bars, great coffee, a great outdoor store and a great atmosphere. If you bring someone they will not want to miss the rider’s meeting on Friday night before the race. Multiple sponsors will be at the expo on Friday night and Iron Monk Brewery will have an amazing beer garden open during the rider's meeting. On Saturday your friends or family are more than invited to meet you at the halfway point in Guthrie, OK as a support crew or to wait for you at the finish line in Downtown Stillwater directly in front of District Bicycles. Bring your crew. They will love it.