Parking in Stillwater 

Friday, March 15

Please note that parking on city streets in Downtown Stillwater is limited to 90 minutes 9 a.m.-5 p.m. Monday-Friday.
Parking in the blue area is not time-limited. Parking after 5 p.m. is free.
Please do not park on any grassy areas!

Parking Friday Stillwater.jpg

Saturday, March 16

Parking is not time-limited on the weekends. YAY!

Parking SATURDAY Stillwater.jpg

100 Mile Halfway Checkpoint

Parking in Perkins

Riders coming into the Perkins halfway point will arrive from the south, turn west onto Thomas Ave., and depart south on 2nd St.
Support crews may set up in the blue parking lot, accessible from Kenworthy Ave or Stumbo Ave.
Street parking is available on 2nd Ave. in the orange area, accessible from Kenworthy Ave. 2nd Ave. will be closed to traffic, but a volunteer will be stationed at the blockade to allow support vehicles in. If you park in the orange area, please be aware of cyclists around your vehicle as you arrive and depart.
Street parking is also available on surrounding neighborhood roads, but please be respectful of residential property and do not park on the grass.

On a super fun note, the Perkins community has rolled out the red carpet for us! Downtown businesses have come together to offer pizza, Mexican food, kids activities and maybe even ice cream! Bring the kids and hang out!

Perkins Checkpoint Parking.jpg

Follow the directions from District Bicycles to El Mexicano, which is right in the middle of the halfway point. They also have killer food, so definitely make it a point to grab lunch before you leave Perkins.

50 Mile Halfway CheckPoint

Parking in Ripley

The 50-mile course goes through Ripley. The halfway checkpoint will be on the west side of the Ripley Elementary School parking lot.
There is street parking available on Berry Ave., west of the parking lot.
Please keep all vehicles and aid station activities to the west side of the parking lot. Ripley Public Schools is preparing for some building renovations, so the east side of the parking lot will be full of building materials.

Ripley Aid Station Parking.jpg

Follow the directions from District Bicycles to the halfway point in the parking lot of Ripley Elementary School.

50K Course

There are five aid stations on the 50K course.
Vehicles are not permitted on any courses, with the exception of volunteers who are operating the aid stations, and official SAG vehicles.
If you want to see your runner on the course, please sign up for a volunteer position at one of the 50K aid stations, or view the 50K course and figure out where you can meet them at a cross street.
Aid outside of the official 50K aid stations is prohibited and will result in disqualification.