land run 100 survey

Thanks for coming to Land Run 100 this year! We had a blast, and we hope you did too! We value your opinion and want you to help us build the best event for 2019. 

Fill out this survey to the best of your ability, and if you have any thoughts, questions or concerns that weren't addressed in the survey, use the "Additional Comments" box at the bottom of the survey, or email Event Manager Sally Asher at

The information you provide helps us improve our event and enables us to furnish economic impact data to the City of Stillwater. Any information we dispense to the City of Stillwater will not be tied to your identity. 

In case you got this far and haven't decided whether or not to fill out the survey, here's some incentive: You will be entered in a drawing to win a FREE registration of your choice in Land Run 100 2019! Be sure to fill out the survey in its entirety and include your name and email address so we can contact you! 
The winner will be announced May 1. You'll be notified through email before we make it public. 

One submission per person, please. Don't be lame. 

You are not required to provide your contact information to submit out the survey, but you must provide your name and email address to be entered in the free registration drawing.


Land run 100 survey

If you traveled from out of town and stayed overnight for Land Run, where did you stay?
This helps us determine economic impact. Do not include lodging costs in this estimate.
Did you eat or drink at any Downtown Stillwater businesses?
Check all that apply
Did you eat or drink at any vendors at the finish line party on Saturday?
Check all that apply.
Downtown Stillwater is generally described as the area between 6th and 12th avenues and Duck and Lewis streets.
You won't hurt our feelings.
Lots of athletes have used a GPS device to navigate the course, but we understand that not everyone has access to a GPS device and depend on course markings. If you use a GPS device and still depend on the course markings as a backup, answer "yes."
We want your Land Run experience to be the best it can be!