Drop Bag Service

We are offering Drop Bag Service for 100-mile riders who don’t have a support crew. Bring a small (no larger than 15”x15”) cooler or bag of what you’ll need at the Perkins halfway point — food, nutrition, fresh socks, etc. We will provide ID tags that you will attach to your drop bag. We will transport drop bags to and from Perkins, and you’ll pick it up at District Bicycles after the event.
Skratch Labs will provide neutral water and hydration drink mix at all checkpoints.
Drop Bag Service is $20, and all proceeds go to support our friend Curt Dikes, who is battling stage three brain cancer. Learn more about the Curto Dirto, our fundraising ride for Curt.

Drop bags are only available to participants in the 100-mile Land Run.
Drop bags are not available for 50-mile and 50K courses.

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