March 17th, 2018

Stillwater × Oklahoma


Welcome Home

These roads have a depth of history, and a soul. They are unique, unforgiving, ever-changing, but always red. On April 22, 1889, cannon-fire signaled the beginning of the first Land Run in Stillwater, OK, the home and start/finish line of the Land Run 100. At the heart of this event are some of the most rugged and daunting, beautiful and memorable roads in the Oklahoma country. They take on a personality of their own. But they are also marked by the people who travel far and work hard to ride them. Making yourself a part of these roads makes them a part of you.



120 W 7th
Stillwater, Oklahoma


Schedule of Events

Friday March 10th, 2017
2:00-8:00pm - Packet Pickup will officially open in front of District Bicycles on 7th and Husband in downtown Stillwater at 2pm. You will be able to sign in from 2pm-8pm on Friday night. We HIGHLY encourage you to sign in early on Friday night and stay for one of our rider's meetings and the block party. You do NOT want to miss out on all the festivities.

2:00-6:00pm - Our amazing sponsors will be set up for you to drool over their rad products on the street in front of District Bicycles.

3:00pm - Our annual 20 mile NO DROP easy spin ride will leave District Bicycles and hit some gravel/dirt close to town. The ride this year will be led by Salsa Cycles sponsored rider Jay Petervary. Come spin your legs before drinking some Land Run 100 Pale Ale at the rider's meeting/block party.

3:00-8:00pm - IRON MONK beer garden officially open on 7th ave in front of District Bicycles. Yet again the boys from IRON MONK are making us a limited run of our very own LR100 Pale Ale. It will be avaliable for growlers and your consumption. Come Thirsty!!

4:00pm - Rider's Meeting #1. The first rider's meeting for those not going on the 3pm group ride. The meeting will take place on 7th ave in the street directly in front of District Bicycles. It will be short, sweet, and hopefully get everyone PUMPED for the day ahead.

4:30-5:45pm - Live music begins! Owen Pye from St. Louis, Mo and Carter Hulsey from Nashville, TN will be playing beautiful music. 

6:00pm - Rider's Meeting #2. For those of you who went and rode the group ride or couldn't get to town before 6 this meeting is for you.

6:30pm - Matt Pryor (from The Get Up Kids) will be our headlining live music act for the evening. Matt is an incredible singer/songwriter from Lawrence, KS. Stick around. You will not want to miss his show and we are SO STOKED to have hiim here for the evening. This is a FREE live show for any and all public to attend. All the live music will be on the stage used for the rider's meetings on the street directly in front of District Bicycles.

Saturday March 11th, 2017

RACE DAY!!!!!!
6:00am - Registration Packet Pickup opens. Closes promptly at 7:30am.

6:00-7:30am - Drop Bag drop off in front of District Bicycles. If you do not have a support crew meeting you in Guthrie, OK for the 100 mile distance on Saturday we provide a Drop Bag Service. Fill that bag with anything you need to get you from the halfway point back into Stillwater. We will transport the bag to Guthrie and back to Stillwater for you. Small number plates that match the number plate you are given at registration sign in will be provided for you to attach to your drop bag. Drop bags will then be laid out in numerical order in Guthrie for you to easily find.

8:00am - At exactly 8am the rider's for the 100 mile and 50 mile distances will line up on the start line in front of District Bicycles on 7th ave and the race and ride will begin.

8:10am - At exactly 8:10am the Land Run 50K Ultramarathon runners will line up to the start line and will begin.

11:00am - Beer Garden officially opens at the finish line. Food Trucks will be on site and ready to serve also. Come hungry!! I know you will be when you finish the race!

2:00pm - Guthrie, OK Halfway point for 100 mile race checkpoint officially closes. You must maintain a 10mph avg to Guthrie at approx the 50 mile. After the 50 mile checkpoint there is no official finish line cut off time.

7:00pm - Podium awards for top 3 finishers in each category in the 100 mile race distance and the 50K Ultra Marathon. Podiums will be held on the stage directly in front of District Bicycles next to the Start/Finish area on 7th ave.

11:00pm - More than likely everything will be coming to an official close for 2017.